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WebMail - the best web based email client
providing email  from any POP or IMAP server

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A simple Web Email interface designed to complement existing email servers. Netwin's Webmail - the best web based email client available - is recognized as one of the most simple, economical ways to provide effortless web email access to all users when they are away from the office or home. WebMail works by interacting with normal POP, IMAP and SMTP servers, and can be configured to work with your current email server in a matter of minutes.

Key Features
Compatible with any standard POP/SMTP/IMAP Email server system
Easy to install and manage  
Runs on most operating systems  
Smooth integration with most popular browsers
Multiple templates and skins
Quick and simple customization
Unlimited number of accounts
Multiple Domain Support
  Multi-host support for both POP3 and IMAP servers
  MIME support for both incoming and outgoing Email
After Sales Service - We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service
Full Features List
Installation and Management Guide
User Guide
Multiple User Templates

WebMail is a fully featured, web based Email solution, completely removing the need
for users to install and configure any traditional Email client software at all. This can provide
an Email solution that better meets the needs of users, and reduces administration costs

Providing Web access to Email gives all of your users, access to their Email from anywhere
on the net. All they need is a web browser. When using IMAP the same folders and messages
are available from both their normal Email client and any web browser.

Customer Comments:
"Thanks for such great products (DMail + ODBCAuth , WebMail), We have been more
pleased with these products in the quality, stability and usefulness more than
any other product that we tested in this field. What a wonderful combination
DMail and ODBCAuth, and what a fantastic cloth for them is the WebMail. By the
way, an excellent added value to all of that is the excellent support Team."

Robert Sayegh
BIG Ltd, Production Manager
Beirut - Lebanon

WebMail works by interacting with normal POP and/or IMAP and SMTP servers, this means
you can configure it to work with your current Email server in a matter of minutes.
It also means that messages read via these gateways are still available to be downloaded into
your user's normal Email client package. We recommend the use of the SurgeMail Server with
WebMail, but it can be used with any standard POP/IMAP/SMTP server.
With the NetWin authentication package NetAuth included with SurgeMail, you can also allow
users to create their own Email accounts from a web page. NetAuth can also be purchased
separately for use with other POP/SMTP servers.

WebMail consists of a set of template html pages, and a special CGI for processing these pages
and interacting with the POP or IMAP and SMTP servers.
There are template pages for:

  • Allowing an Email user to login to their Email account
  • Providing a list of new mail and processing messages
  • Sending a new Email message
  • Reading an Email message
  • Configuration and event processing
  • Address book maintenance
  • User management

All of these can be customized if required, although a number of fully working example
templates are provided.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Are you sick of buying software and then finding that it doesn't do what you want, or doesn't even work! We stand behind our software. If you are not satisfied with the product, performance or customer support we will refund 100% of your purchase price.