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This feature allows surgemail to extract large attachments from email messages and store them on the built in web server, it replaces the attachment with a link in the original email message so the destination user can download the attachment (if they want it).

The attachments are then stored for a period of time, based on if the message was sent or received (adjustable per user/domain/global)

To enable the feature set:

       g_att_enable "true"

Then you will want to specify system defaults.

g_att_send "True"     # Enable globally by default when sending msgs
g_att_send_keep "90"  # Set default time to keep sent attachments
g_att_in "True"       # Enable globally when receiving msgs
g_att_in_keep "2000"  # Days to keep incoming attachments (5 years)

g_att_path   # Path to store attachments, default is 'att' sub folder

# Domain level defaults:
att_send "True"     # Enable when sending msgs
att_send_keep "90"  # Days to keep sent msgs
att_in "True"       # Enable when receiving msgs
att_in_keep "2000"  # Days to keep incoming attachments (5 years)

In addition the ‘user’ can enable/disable this feature in the Attachments item in the web admin self management page.

You can convert existing messages for a user with the command:

tellmail att_detach

Be warned that this will then result in attachments older than the ‘keep’ settings being deleted the next night.

Quota implications: 30% Of disk space is saved when messages are stored in this format, the size of the users ‘attachments’ are still accounted for in the quota system.

Security implications: The attachments are protected from third party viewing by the long complex url which cannot be guessed (statistically speaking).

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