SurgeMail Pricing

SurgeMail provides a cost effective solution for systems of all sizes. All SurgeMail versions include: Mail, SSL, WebMail, unlimited Domains and our complete Anti-Spam system).

SurgeMail Prices in US$
SurgeMail + Anti Spam etc…
+ Mirror
5 Home *
$Free with cluster



All prices include 12 months email support and updates! Purchase Now

SurgeMail + SurgeWeb + spam filter: This provides you with SurgeMail plus SurgeWeb an integrated comprehensive AJAX based web email client. It also includes spam filtering using the latest technologies and many other features.

Virus Scanner. Our virus scanner module makes use of available scanning mechanisms on the host computer combined with other features to best protect all email accounts from viruses.

SurgeMail with Mirror / Replication license. If your Mail system is mission critical we recommend you include a Mirror license. SurgeMail automatically keeps the main and mirror systems synchronized. A Mirror License allows you to run a full live backup system to protect you and your users from hardware faults. The mirror can be off-site for greater protection.

Cluster License price applies to a cluster of any size so you only pay for ONE LICENSE and get an entire cluster! A cluster is a group of machines acting together to share the load of one or more domains, not a group of separate mail servers in the same building (i.e. a cluster license is not a site license, sorry).

*5 Home use license is for non commercial (home/hobby) use only, does not include 12 months free email support.

Updates License includes free updates (and spam updates) and email support for the first 12 months. Update service for following years is 60% of original license fee.

Upgrades between user limits – are the difference in price.

You can safely choose the cheapest license in the category that matches your use, and then upgrade for the difference in price if / when your user base increases.

Support Options

We are pleased to be able to provide affordable support options. For most sites we recommend the email support

 Type of Support
Annual Fee
EMail support and updates
(first 12 months free)
60% of license/year
12×7 Email Support
Gold Emergency Support. Buy Now!
US$3000 / year
24×7 Email Support
Diamond Emergency Support. Buy Now!
US$6000 / year
  • The Gold/Diamond support gives you a special email address to use when you have a mission critical issue that needs resolving urgently, within the specified time you will get a response to help resolve your problem.
  • SLA For Gold support you will receive a response within 12 hours.
  • SLA For Diamond support you will receive a response within 1 hour.
  • In the event that we fail to achieve these response times above the full annual fee will be refunded.
  • Gold & Diamond may only be used for emergencies/mission critical failures, normal issues should be sent to the regular support address.

The following special offers are available.

Upgrade Discount

A 50% discount is offered to existing DMail users wishing to take advantage of the new features in SurgeMail.

Educational Discount

A 50% discount will be available to educational institutions.

Mirror License

Mirror licenses attract a 50% discount.

Source License Options

SurgeMail Source
SurgeMail source excluding WebMail component, updates of source from NetWin for 12 Months. Source may not be redistributed etc. and Non disclosure agreement required.
WebMail Source
WebMail component/CGI source, updates of source from NetWin for 12 Months. Source may not be redistributed etc. and Non disclosure agreement required.

SurgeVault Pricing

Price to Add