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Global settings g_mirror

g_mirror_config – Mirror surgemail.ini Syntax: g_mirror_config “true/false” You put this on both machines and it will attempt to mirror the...
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How do I restart the server? On NT, type in: net start surgemail On 95/98, type in: /surgemail/surgemail On Unix, type in: /usr/local/surgemail/
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Enable Spam handling

Upgrade to the latest stable release Press the ‘config checker’ button in the web admin interface and turn on the...
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The tellmail command line utility

tellmail is a command line utility that allows you to perform some administrative tasks with SurgeMail such as adding users...
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Authent Modules

SurgeMail supports external authentication modules which are simple command line based programs that understand a small set of commands to...
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Mirror Setup

Mirroring the server – What is mirroring. The SurgeMail ‘Mirror’ system allows you to link two systems together and read...
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Customizable Message Templates

There are several internally generated emails: Delivery failure Sent when a message cannot be delivered. Delivery warning Sent when there...
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DKIM / DomainKeys

How to turn it on Set g_dkim_sign “true” Go to the DKIM config page in the web admin tool and...
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Authent Module NWAUTH

Installing and Setup (windows) g_authent_process “c:\surgemail\nwauth.exe -path c:\surgemail” (linux) g_authent_process “./nwauth” Optional Command Line Options: -path Tells NWAuth where to...
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Mailing Lists & Bulletins

Users can create and manage their own mailing lists via the user.cgi web admin interface, the follow settings control that...
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