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Global Settings g_access settings

These settings control access to smtp/pop/imap/surgeweb, if you want to control the features available in the self admin screens, then...
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Global Settings g_admin

g_admin_access – Allow / Restrict domain admin access to features based on g_access_group g_admin_access group=”wildcard” access=”list” This setting matches the g_access_group...
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Global Settings g_allow

g_alias_login_disable – Disable user login as alias Stops the user login to pop or imap as the alias account Syntax:...
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Global Settings g_archive

Obsolete feature, please use the legal archive settings instead! g_archive – Archive delivered mail Archive rules allowing all mail delivered...
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Global Settings g_auth

g_auth_hide – Disable SMTP Authentication Per default SMTP authentication is enabled. If a user matches this IP range/list they will...
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  • 2011

Global Settings g_from

g_from_allow_ip – IP addresses to bypass local from check This setting has no further documentation currently available Syntax: g_from_allow_ip string...
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Global Settings g_friends

g_friends_add_trusted – Add to friends list when if sender is trusted This is useful if senders are not using smtp...
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Global settings g_gateway

g_gateway – Gateway messages to a particular domain (Or smarthost) Used to gateway messages to another local mail server.  Typically...
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Global settings g_hack

g_hack_detect_disable – Stop admin emails when users login with a weak password Useful if you must have weak passwords for...
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