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Global settings g_imap

g_imap_acl – Enable ACL (shared folders) in imap This setting allows folders to be shared between users. See the domain...
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Global settings g_log

g_log_bounce_disable – Stop bounce reject entries filling up log (typically from spam bounces) Disables useless logging in msg*.rec files, only...
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Global settings g_legal

The legal archive feature is ideal for keeping a copy of incoming emails in an archive. You can enable user...
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Global settings g_mirror

g_mirror_config – Mirror surgemail.ini Syntax: g_mirror_config “true/false” You put this on both machines and it will attempt to mirror the...
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Global settings g_surgeweb

g_surgeweb_backend_server – Backend machine to connect to This specifies the backend machine where Surgeweb connects for email and to store...
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Global settings g_ssl

g_ssl_allow – IP Wild card of connections to allow to use SSL This setting controls which connecting IP numbers are...
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Global settings g_user

Note: as well as global / domain settings, these features can be set on a per user basis in the...
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Domain settings

Note: Most ‘matching’ settings take wild card lists as parameters, for example “fred*” will match “freddy” and “Fred@bob”. And “1.2.*,2.3.*” will match...
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Don’t Panic

These are emergency/disaster recovery procedures to fix the server and get it running if something really bad happens. Some key...
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Redirect / Forward rules

SurgeMail can redirect mail in one of four ways. These can be mixed but we suggest you pick one and...
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