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Global settings g_hack

g_hack_detect_disable – Stop admin emails when users login with a weak password Useful if you must have weak passwords for...
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Global settings g_ssl

g_ssl_allow – IP Wild card of connections to allow to use SSL This setting controls which connecting IP numbers are...
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Enable SSL (LetsEncrypt)

Add or check these settings. The config checker will do this for you. g_ssl_per_domain "true" g_ssl_auto "true" g_webmail_port "80,7080" Then...
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DKIM / DomainKeys

How to turn it on Set g_dkim_sign “true” Go to the DKIM config page in the web admin tool and...
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Atrest encryption

The AtRest encryption feature allows individual users to encrypt their mail messages when they are stored ‘at rest’ on the...
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Manual SSL Certificates

We strongly recommend you use LetsEncrypt instead of manual certificates How to get a signed certificate (STOP, GO TO THE...
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Twofactor Authentication 2fa

To enable two factor authentication set  g_pass_twofactor “true” then the users can enable two factor authentication in their user self admin...
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MTA-STS support

(MTA–STS) is a mechanism enabling mail service providers (SPs) to declare their ability to receive Transport Layer Security (TLS) secure...
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