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Global Settings g_access settings

These settings control access to smtp/pop/imap/surgeweb, if you want to control the features available in the self admin screens, then...
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Global Settings g_admin

g_admin_access – Allow / Restrict domain admin access to features based on g_access_group g_admin_access group=”wildcard” access=”list” This setting matches the g_access_group...
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Global Settings g_auth

g_auth_hide – Disable SMTP Authentication Per default SMTP authentication is enabled. If a user matches this IP range/list they will...
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Global settings g_user

Note: as well as global / domain settings, these features can be set on a per user basis in the...
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Authent Modules

SurgeMail supports external authentication modules which are simple command line based programs that understand a small set of commands to...
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Authent Module NWAUTH

Installing and Setup (windows) g_authent_process “c:\surgemail\nwauth.exe -path c:\surgemail” (linux) g_authent_process “./nwauth” Optional Command Line Options: -path Tells NWAuth where to...
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Authent Module Ldapauth

Installing and Setup Some applications already come with this verison already built. If you have not got a build and/or...
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Authent Module Mysqlauth

Installing and Setup Some applications come with MySQLAuth already built. If you have not got a build and/or require the...
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Rename a domain

How can I change a domain name in SurgeMail? Stop Surgemail Make a backup of nwauth.* and surgemail.ini If using...
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Oauth 2.0 support

You will need the following settings: g_oauth_client_id “idcode” g_oauth_client_secret “secretcode” g_oauth_trim “true” – Trim from user before lookup g_oauth_url...
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