Rename a domain

How can I change a domain name in SurgeMail?

  1. Stop Surgemail
  2. Make a backup of nwauth.* and surgemail.ini
  3. If using nwauth, then Run ./nwauth -rename (Run this as user 'mail' from the surgemail home path)
  4. If not using nwauth change the domain names in your database for each user somehow 🙂
  5. Edit surgemail.ini and change the vdomain name=”OLD.DOMAIN.NAME” TO “NEW.DOMAIN.NAME”
  6. And add ‘host_alias “” if desired.
  7. Generally you shouldn't change/update mailbox_path unless you plan on renaming the physical folder to match.
  8. Open 'domuser.dat' with a text editor and search/replace the old domain for the new domain.

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