Authent Module NWAUTH

Installing and Setup

(windows) g_authent_process "c:\surgemail\nwauth.exe -path c:\surgemail"

(linux) g_authent_process "./nwauth"

Optional Command Line Options:

-pathTells NWAuth where to create it's logfile and where to find it's config file.
-debugSets the logging level to debug.
-logturns on logging to nwauth.log.
-logpasstesting option, log full command as given (includes password!)
-readonlyUse on slaves that don't need to update files.
-encrypt user/all
-generate nCreates accounters test0..testn passwords test.
-size xSets max size of nwauth.add.
-sleep x yTesting option, sleep for y seconds first and every xth response
drop_path <hash> <base>Testing option, give drop path using DPOP hashing, hash=0,1,2, base is common drop path
-badchar <string>Overrides default bad character list with the string
-badchar_localpart <string>Overrides default localpart (before the @) bad character list with the string
-allowatsDisables check for more than one '@' symbol in username
-allowhighasciiDisables check for high and low ascii in username
-nocryptStore passwords as plain text (security risk)
-decryptDecrypt passwords as users login. (security risk)
-showpassShow password on lookups (security risk!)

Error recovery - recover lost users.

In the event of loosing some users from the database for any unknown reason (deleting a file manually etc) you can rebuild the user database like this using the journal entries it keeps.

# First copy nwauth.* files

mkdir backup

copy nwauth.* backup

# Then use this command to get a list of changes it will make:

nwauth -path . -test

# Then run it with -fix to actually add the missing users:

nwauth -path . -fix

Supported Commands

The commands below are the list of commands that this module supports.

check<user> <pass>
set<user> <pass>|(NULL) [label="value"]
search<string> [-from n] [-max m]

To make passwords visible in admin

Obviously this is not recommended as it is a security risk, but on a small or home server this may be worth doing:

Use these two settings

g_authent_process "c:\surgemail\nwauth.exe -path c:\surgemail -nocrypt -decrypt -showpass"

g_authent_info name="Password" field="password" access="admin" default="" type=""

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