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If you cannot find help by searching the knowledge base you are welcome to email customer support directly: Or...
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Migration using POP / IMAP intercept mode This is a simple zero downtime method for migrating all active accounts from...
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Global settings g_mirror

g_mirror_config – Mirror surgemail.ini Syntax: g_mirror_config “true/false” You put this on both machines and it will attempt to mirror the...
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DNS Entries for your Mail Server

Lets assume your domain name is ‘’ and your ip address of your server is, then you will need...
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Post Installation Steps

1. Creating a user To create users, select Accounts/Lookup from the admin interface (https://yourserver:7025) Enter a username and password and...
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Enable Virus scanning on Windows

SurgeMail has a variety of mechanisms for integrating with commercial and free products as well as built in mechanisms to...
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Enable Virus scanning on Linux

For most linux systems (not Mac/OSX) we recommend CLAMAV as the primary scanner, it’s easy to install on most unix...
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Enable Spam handling

Upgrade to the latest stable release Press the ‘config checker’ button in the web admin interface and turn on the...
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Monitor your server

The server will monitor itself and restart on failure. Most critical reports will be sent to the g_manager email address,...
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