Enable Spam handling

  1. Upgrade to the latest stable release
  2. Press the 'config checker' button in the web admin interface and turn on the settings it suggests
  3. Either set G_FRIENDS_DEFAULT_MODE "smite"
  4. Tell all users to individually turn on/set/adjust their friends options in the user self admin settings.
  5. For general purpose email systems, set the default to block at g_friends_spam_score '10'

How users can report/train spam

  1. IMap users can drop spam messages into the 'Spam' folder
  2. SurgeWeb users can click on 'Is Spam'

How it works

Spam is scored based on many things (source ip address, content, history of that sender etc). Once a score is arrived at the users preferences are consulted, if the score is above the users setting then the message goes into the Spam folder, and the sender is informed so they can request delivery (if they are a human).

We recommend a system default of 10 to give reasonable results for general purpose email systems.

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