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Mail Server Install Instructions

First download the latest version appropriate for your system using this link:

Download SurgeMail

Windows install instructions

Just double click on the download and it will run the installer/updater automatically.

Linux install instructions

Download the file (with wget, or ftp)

  ftp ftp.netwinsite.com
  user: anonymous
  password: anything
  FTP> cd pub/surgemail
  FTP> ls 
  FTP> bin
  FTP> get surgemail_XXX_linux.tar.gz
  FTP> quit

Then unzip/untar and run the install script:
  gunzip surgemail_XXX_linux.tar.gz 
  tar -xvf surgemail_XXX_linux.tar
  cd mtemp

Update an existing installation

Follow the same instructions as above.

How to rollback to a previous version

This is ALMOST never necessary, but it is easy to do:

cd /usr/local/surgemail (or c:\surgemail on windows)

./surgemail -rollback -nodetach

Uninstalling SurgeMail


The uninstall is available through the Start Menu - SurgeMail - Uninstall SurgeMail, or through Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs. If for some reason this is not available you can also run "surgemail -uninstall" from the command line in the directory that SurgeMail is installed.


Run "./surgemail -uninstall" in the directory in which SurgeMail was installed. (default is /usr/local/surgemail)

Post installation guide:

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