Monitor your server

The server will monitor itself and restart on failure. Most critical reports will be sent to the g_manager email address, this includes:
    Disk quota warnings
    Server crash/restart reports.
    Server load reports (if cpu or disk response are too slow).

Additional reporting settings/limits you can add...

  • g_hack_report "" -- Reports of weak passwords sent to this address.
  • g_orbs_report "your.ip.address" -- List of ip addresses to check against known rbl listings, so you will be alerted if your server is blacklisted.
  • g_lowdisk_warning "1500mb" -- Alert manager on critical disk shortage.
  • g_pop_warning "700" -- Alert manager if this many pop/imap sessions used.
  • g_queue_warning "5000" -- Alert manager if outgoing mail queue exceeds this...
  • g_smtp_warning "500" -- Alert manager if this many smtp incoming sessions
  • g_user_send_warning "1000" -- Alert manager if a single user sends more than this many message in one day.

In addition you may wish to occasionally examine  these log file:
    login_failed.logWe do recommend an external monitor as well, (there are many free services that can do this for you and send you an alert if the server is not responding). e.g.

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