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REST/api access

Account Creation – Web Interface Account Creation – User Self Creation Users can optionally create or sign-up for accounts via...
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Mirror Setup

Mirroring the server – What is mirroring. The SurgeMail ‘Mirror’ system allows you to link two systems together and read...
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Enable SSL (LetsEncrypt)

Add or check these settings. The config checker will do this for you. g_ssl_per_domain "true" g_ssl_auto "true" g_webmail_port "80,7080" Then...
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Customizable Message Templates

There are several internally generated emails: Delivery failure Sent when a message cannot be delivered. Delivery warning Sent when there...
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DKIM / DomainKeys

How to turn it on Set g_dkim_sign “true” Go to the DKIM config page in the web admin tool and...
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Amazon SES

This guide helps you setup SurgeMail to send outgoing mail via an Amazon-SES account. Signup on amazon’s website: Follow...
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SMS Gateway

Sending to an email to sms gateway Lets assume the gateway you are sending to accepts sms messages of the...
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Authent Module NWAUTH

Installing and Setup (windows) g_authent_process “c:\surgemail\nwauth.exe -path c:\surgemail” (linux) g_authent_process “./nwauth” Optional Command Line Options: -path Tells NWAuth where to...
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Don’t Panic

These are emergency/disaster recovery procedures to fix the server and get it running if something really bad happens. Some key...
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Automatic EMAIL configuration.

For Outlook, Thunderbird, IOS. Using autodiscover.xml and config-v1.1.xml and ios.mobileconfig Some email clients have methods to auto detect server settings...
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