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Global settings g_surgeweb

g_surgeweb_backend_server - Backend machine to connect to

This specifies the backend machine where Surgeweb connects for email and to store user settings. Surgeweb will cache data here but store the master copy of anything on the backend machine.

Syntax: g_surgeweb_backend_server string

g_surgeweb_benchmark - Log web request timing info for surgeweb benchmarking - matches ip addresses

Netwin testing use only

Syntax: g_surgeweb_benchmark string

g_surgeweb_cache_less - Reduce surgeweb caching

Reduce the length of time that surgeweb caches message bodies in its g_surgeweb_work folder to save disk space usage

Syntax: g_surgeweb_cache_less bool

g_surgeweb_debug - Log surgeweb debug info - matches ip addresses or email addresses - avoid

Note this setting should be used minimally as it affects performance

Syntax: g_surgeweb_debug string

g_surgeweb_disable - Disable access to SurgeWeb

Completely disable surgeweb access for whatever reason.

Syntax: g_surgeweb_disable bool

Default for forgot password link visibility on surgeweb login page. (note: gets overidden by older showlink_forget_pass surgeweb setting)

Syntax: g_surgeweb_forgot_show bool

g_surgeweb_ics - Surgeweb email/calendaring integration (ie ics file processing and sending)

Enable surgeweb ICS handling smarts to allow calender invites to be replied to and to allow calender invites to be sent

Syntax: g_surgeweb_ics bool

g_surgeweb_idle_timeout - Idle timeout for surgeweb sessions (hours, default=48)

If no manual action is taken during this time the surgeweb session gets logged out

Syntax: g_surgeweb_idle_timeout int

g_surgeweb_logall - For requests matching g_surgeweb_debug also leave all webio & temp files - avoid

Netwin testing use only

Syntax: g_surgeweb_logall bool

g_surgeweb_path - Change surgeweb path

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_surgeweb_path string

g_surgeweb_process - Run surgeweb in it's own process (beta)

Intended to increase resilience

Syntax: g_surgeweb_process bool

g_surgeweb_remember_timeout - "Remember" timeout / max session length for surgeweb sessions (days, default=14)

Maximum time for Remember me and for single sessions

Syntax: g_surgeweb_remember_timeout int

g_surgeweb_restrict - Restrict surgeweb use to these accounts only

Allow surgeweb access to a matching set of email addresses

Syntax: g_surgeweb_restrict string

g_surgeweb_testing - NEVER USE

Not for general use

Syntax: g_surgeweb_testing bool

g_surgeweb_testrig - Disable session cache for testrig

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_surgeweb_testrig bool

g_surgeweb_work - Path to Surgeweb cache/work files

This is where Surgeweb stores it's temporary or working files, default I_G_HOME\surgeweb\work

Syntax: g_surgeweb_work string

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