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Global Settings g_friends

Table of Contents

g_friends_add_trusted - Add to friends list when if sender is trusted

This is useful if senders are not using smtp auth but you still want friends to be added, typically used with surgewall...

Syntax: g_friends_add_trusted bool

g_friends_allow_spf - Allow all email through as if it was a friend during temporary allow

The user click on a button to disable friends for a few hours, during this time all messages will get treated as a friend and thus bypass SPF too.

Syntax: g_friends_allow_spf bool

g_friends_always - Always use friends list.

This enables the "Add all outgoing email addresses to list" feature and always checks incoming messages against the friends list so that SurgeMail can correctly tag or filter it.

Syntax: g_friends_always bool

g_friends_at_rcpt - Whether to check users friends list at rcpt stage

This setting is automatically added/removed by the web admin when global friends defaults are configured. It allows us to check friends at rcpt stage without paying a disk access cost for non-friends users.

Syntax: g_friends_at_rcpt bool

g_friends_autodom - Auto whitelist friends based on domain/ip

This means a friend or trained message will whitelist the entire domain/ip address combination until contradicted for all users

Syntax: g_friends_autodom bool

g_friends_bounce_friend - Allow exception rules to bounce a mesesage from a friend

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_bounce_friend bool

g_friends_bounce_rej - Reject blank return path as friends failures

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_bounce_rej bool

g_friends_bounce_second - Bounce the next time the user sends a message if waiting for confirm still

This can make it clearer that email is not getting through to the destination

Syntax: g_friends_bounce_second bool

g_friends_byemail - Use old email based friends rejections

This restores the old beahviour, you would normally only use this if your mail server was unaccessable via http as email based rejections are not as easy to use or as reliable as web based human confirmations

Syntax: g_friends_byemail bool

g_friends_check_spf - Disable friends bounces if SPF headers missing/failed to avoid backscatter.

If the incoming message may be forged it will bounce messages using an smtp error code to deny delivery but it will allow any real sender to bypass this. This settings is good if spamcop block your domain for sending friends challenges as it cuts down on the number of such messages. This avoids backscatter

Syntax: g_friends_check_spf bool

g_friends_cleanup - Cleanup/repair large friend.lst files

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_cleanup bool

g_friends_confirm_debug - Log sucessful friends confirmation responses

This enables us to examine suspect replies to friends confirmations for indications that they were sent by spammers or mail robots.

Syntax: g_friends_confirm_debug bool

g_friends_confirm_subject - String to use as the subject of a friends confirmation email

String to use as the subject of a friends confirmation email. Defaults to: "Please reply to ||confirm|| message and allow delivery". This value must contain the text ||confirm||, this text is replaced by the unique message id that allows SurgeMail to find the message to release eg. confirm(1150419513.1880_1180.domain). It is also advisable to place the ||confirm|| near the start of the string as some clients will truncate long subjects and any truncation of the ||confirm|| value will result in failure to release the message.

Syntax: g_friends_confirm_subject string

g_friends_daemon_ok - Accept emails from any mailer deamon

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_daemon_ok bool

g_friends_debug1 - NEVER USE, only for NetWin testing

This makes surgemail always send an email bounce rather than a safe reject, only intended for testing bounce messages

Syntax: g_friends_debug1 bool

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_default_autoadd bool

Valid settings are kids,disabled,smite,silent,list. Recommended silent or smite, in silent mode no challenge email is sent, in smite mode a challenge email is sent if the score is exceeded.

Syntax: g_friends_default_mode string

g_friends_global_add - Add to a global friends list if ip matches and sender doesn't match authenticated user

Used when you wish to whitelist outgoing addresses even though the sender/reply address does not match the authenticated user (e.g. messages sent via exchange)

Syntax: g_friends_global_add string

g_friends_global_exclude - Addresses not to auto add, e.g. *@paypal.com

This is good for avoiding meaningless entries or obvious entries that people might send email to by mistake

Syntax: g_friends_global_exclude string

g_friends_ignore - List of addresses considered friends for all users on the system

List of addresses considered friends for all users on the system eg: the system manager email address

Syntax: g_friends_ignore string

g_friends_ignore_trusted - If from trusted ip still apply friends

Useful when you have a gateway that is sending to surgemail

Syntax: g_friends_ignore_trusted bool

g_friends_lang_auto - Set users language settings automatically based on observed emails from friends

This setting improves spam handling

Syntax: g_friends_lang_auto bool

g_friends_latest_headers - Friends system re-read message headers

Causes friends to re-read message headers, allowing rules based on headers added during delivery

Syntax: g_friends_latest_headers bool

g_friends_local_match - If from!=returnpath and one is local, then block friends match

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_local_match bool

g_friends_long - In friends web release addresses use a longer url

Uses an older style link

Syntax: g_friends_long bool

g_friends_msg - Message used for friends bounce.

e.g. Delivery pending, to deliver you must send an email to

Syntax: g_friends_msg string

e.g. Note: Delivery will ONLY occur if you click on this link

Syntax: g_friends_msg_link string

g_friends_name - What to call the friends system

This specifies what to call the friends system when referring to it on web pages and in email to our users, you can call it whatever you like

Syntax: g_friends_name string

g_friends_obey_spf - If SPF failed then no friends match allowed for local domains

If spf failed then don't allow a friends match

Syntax: g_friends_obey_spf bool

g_friends_old_status_email - Use older status email & processing

Use status.eml instead of status_html.eml

Syntax: g_friends_old_status_email bool

g_friends_only - Friends system

An anti-spam feature which screens incoming mail to ensure it comes from a human. For incoming mail from unknown addresses a message is sent to this person requesting them to reply to confirm they are human and the original message will be delivered. See this page for more details.

Syntax: g_friends_only bool

g_friends_pending_keep - Time to keep friend pending messages

How long to store users friends pending messages before deleting them (days)

Syntax: g_friends_pending_keep int

g_friends_pending_max - Max items in pending before deleting them

The default is 10000 Items

Syntax: g_friends_pending_max int

g_friends_pending_name - The imap name of the friends_pending (and spam store) quarantine folder - should match surgeweb imap_spam_folder - default is 'Friends Pending'

This shouldn't be changed unless this feature has not been used before as it will confuse your users. Any matching folder the user has of the same name will become invisible. So at least make it something other than simply Spam!!

Syntax: g_friends_pending_name string

g_friends_pending_vanish - Enable auto-vanish of pending messages on confirmation bounce

When a bounce for a confirmation message is received we vanish it, this setting will also delete the original message.

Syntax: g_friends_pending_vanish bool

g_friends_release_wash - Clean any subject marking (ie stars) when releasing/allowing

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_release_wash bool

g_friends_rotate - Rotate user level log file, default 30k

Set log size, the log is also rotated when a friends report email is sent (if configured)

Syntax: g_friends_rotate int

g_friends_safer - Make friends always avoid back scatter.

By using a rejection during the incoming message instead of sending an email back scatter is completely avoided.

Syntax: g_friends_safer bool

g_friends_silent - Disable friends responses to users

This setting is to simply disable the confirm emails, not generally recommended as this makes friends a bit pointless.

Syntax: g_friends_silent bool

g_friends_silent_level - If spam score above this then don't send friends message

Not generally recommended.

Syntax: g_friends_silent_level int

g_friends_skip_ip - List of ip addresses considered friends for all users on the system

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_skip_ip string

This sets the default when no friends.ini file exists, a level of 8 will give best all round results, a level of 10 will stop less spam but avoid false positives.

Syntax: g_friends_spam_score int

g_friends_spf - Refine friends matching using spf/dmarc when possible

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_spf bool

The default behaviour is to only send confirmations if SPF checks pass, if they fail friends checking is skipped, no confirmation request is sent and the email is not blocked by friends.

Syntax: g_friends_spf_fail_bounce bool

g_friends_status_sort - Sort friends status messages with low scores at the top

This setting has no further documentation currently available

Syntax: g_friends_status_sort bool

g_friends_testurl - Test g_friends_url and status_url and url_host work externally

Reports to manager if any fail

Syntax: g_friends_testurl bool

g_friends_url - Specify default global url for friends release http://domain.name:port

Normally the default will work.

Syntax: g_friends_url string

g_friends_warnonce - Give bounce on only the first message

This used to be the default, but it meant people thought delivery was occurring!

Syntax: g_friends_warnonce bool

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