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Don’t Panic

These are emergency/disaster recovery procedures to fix the server and get it running if something really bad happens. Some key...
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SurgeMail Change History

SurgeMail 7.4i – 26 Feb 2020 7.4i-2 Fixed g_send_helo suggestion so it won’t suggest an ip address beginning in numbers…...
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User & Domain Self Admin

The users can self administer their accounts via the user self admin interface: http://localhost/cgi/user.cgi A domain administrator will get extra...
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Web Admin Interface

The system administrator can manage the mail server completely via the built in web admin interface. http://localhost:7026 The user and...
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Automatic EMAIL configuration.

For Outlook, Thunderbird, IOS. Using autodiscover.xml and config-v1.1.xml and ios.mobileconfig Some email clients have methods to auto detect server settings...
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Atrest encryption

The AtRest encryption feature allows individual users to encrypt their mail messages when they are stored ‘at rest’ on the...
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REST/API to read/move/del messages

The following interface is now provided to allow simple web based access to messages/folders. The following functions are supported: msg_folders...
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Manual SSL Certificates

We strongly recommend you use LetsEncrypt instead of manual certificates How to get a signed certificate (STOP, GO TO THE...
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