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Speech to text conversion

Using a simple plugin and SurgeMail 7.4f-5 or later you can automatically convert incoming messages containing voice messages into text....
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DList language translation

All language files are in ASCII text, and can be modified with any good text editor. All you need to...
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Does SurgeMail call home?

There are several situations in which surgemail will fetch or send information to our systems If spam handling is enabled...
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Dlist Mailing Lists

DList is a mailing list server that is automatically installed as part of SurgeMail General settings for DList are contained in...
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Three way mirror (BETA – not recommended) This feature is classified as BETA, we don’t think it has been sufficiently...
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Rename a domain

How can I change a domain name in SurgeMail? Stop Surgemail Make a backup of nwauth.* and surgemail.ini If using...
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Manager Email Reports

The system will send emails to the manager email account to report serious issues. There are some settings that will...
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Twofactor Authentication 2fa

To enable two factor authentication set  g_pass_twofactor “true” then the users can enable two factor authentication in their user self admin...
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