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Does SurgeMail call home?

There are several situations in which surgemail will fetch or send information to our systems

  • If spam handling is enabled it will fetch various files to help with spam handling (rules and config settings to identify spam, url and ip databases etc).
  • It will fetch the latest version information so it can tell you if you should install an update.
  • If spam reporting settings are enabled it will send reports to netwinsite to report spamming ip addresses.


It fetches http://updates.netwinsite.com/updates/latest_version.dat so it can report if a new version exists.

if G_URL_ENABLE true, fetches known bad urls (if spam handling used)

if G_SPAM_SHARE true, then it fetches known bad ip addresses

if g_country_ip is enabled then it fetches a database of ip addresses for each country.

if G_SPAM_PHISHING it fetches a database of known phishing ip addresses.

if G_ABOUT_DISABLE is not true it fetches a small html page 'about_mail.htm' used in the surgeweb templates.

if G_SPAM_NOUPDATE is not defined it will fetch various other spam config files and data to use.

if G_MYRBL_SHARE is true it will send reports of ip addresses associated with messages manually marked as spam. This report also includes some system summary information including version, platform and total users and peak threads used.

if G_REPORT_SPAM is true it will send detailed spam samples to netwinsite.com.

When the license key is first activated it will contact netwinsite.com to activate the key.

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