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MTA-STS support

(MTA–STS) is a mechanism enabling mail service providers (SPs) to declare their ability to receive Transport Layer Security (TLS) secure...
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g_url_redirect – Sends http 301 redirect to tell browser resource has moved Typical usage to move users from http to...
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SMS Twilio Gateway

By simply creating a Twilio account and adding the necessary details into surgemail.ini you can instantly get SMS Notification and...
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Oauth 2.0 support

You will need the following settings: g_oauth_client_id “idcode” g_oauth_client_secret “secretcode” g_oauth_trim “true” – Trim from user before lookup g_oauth_url...
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Domain defaults

When you create a new domain the defaults are taken from a config file domain_defaults.txt which must be in the...
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Back Scatter (Backscatter)

There are many situations where apparently harmless back scatter (bounces from incoming email) can cause your server to be blacklisted....
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