This feature is classified as BETA, we don't think it has been sufficiently tested in real life situations to risk using it on a production system. In general, we think it's better to use the existing 2 way mirroring.

In 7.2 we added g_mirror_others, a mechanism which lets you specify a second slave.

To setup a 3 way mirror you would use settings like this:

g_mirror_host "slave1.xyz.com"
g_mirror_others "slave2.xyz.com"
g_mirror_mode "master"
... (other normal mirror settings)
(slave1) only needed if long term mirroring!
g_mirror_host "master.xyz.com"
g_mirror_others "slave2.xyz.com"
g_mirror_mode "slave"
... (other normal mirror settings)

g_mirror_host "master.xyz.com"
g_mirror_others "slave1.xyz.com"
g_mirror_mode "slave"
g_mirror_secret "xxxx" (copy from master)
  • Restart the master
  • On each machine allow the other servers ip address
  • (on slave2) tellmail mirror_allow (ip address of master)
  • (on master) tellmail mirror_allow (ip address of slave2)
  • Send the config and existing files/folders
  • (master) tellmail resync_config
  • (Now check if the config has made it to the third slave, if not check mirror.log)
  • (master) tellmail resync

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