Manager Email Reports

The system will send emails to the manager email account to report serious issues. There are some settings that will add more such reports or specify the limits when the reports are sent.

You can test reports are working with the command:

tellmail manager_report

Optional settings to add more reports:

  • g_user_report "weekly" # Send a weekly report with user quota
  • g_queue_warning "2000" # Warn if the sending queue exceeds this figure
  • g_quota_report "true" # Generate a quota report
  • g_user_send_warning "500" # Warn if a single user sends more than this many message per day
  • g_disk_warning "90%" # Send a warning if the disk usage exceeds 90%

Examples of typical warnings.

  • g_imap_max_messages exceeded, user should be asked to organize/remove messages %s %s, consider setting g_inbox_max also
  • IMAP user sending excessive commands, bad client throttled, you can safely ignore this. (%d/sec for %d seconds) %s %s, g_imap_throttle
  • User %s is generating unusual imap load, check for large folders, compromised account etc see busy.status and busy.log
  • Cannot connect to mirror host %s, port 110 for %d minutes
  • Please upgrade both mirror members to 4.2c or later so nwauth updates will work
  • Upgrade mirror or master to match: Master is %s Slave is %s
  • IMAP Channels exceeded warning level %d g_pop_warning setting
  • Someone is trying to use the web admin tool, their ip address is (%s) and they got the password wrong
  • Warning, user %s@%s is using an extremely weak password, use tellmail test_weak
  • Warning, user %s@%s tried to login with weak password, possibly a hacker, use tellmail test_weak (%s)
  • Free license sending throttle activated for 1 hour, email sales@netwinsite with some details of your usage, for any non spammers a free upgrade key will be provided - this limit is intended only to prevent spammers from abusing the free license key
  • Disk falure writing queue file
  • PANIC, two archives pointing at the same path, this is NOT supported sorry
  • Write failed %s %s
  • User %s@%s used %dmb of %dmb%s
  • g_outgoing_block has locked out user %s, change password and release using tellmail breakin_release
  • g_hacker_fwd: User {%s} set a forwarding rule {%s}
  • POP Channels exceeded warning level %d g_pop_warning setting
  • Corrupt file in users folder, maybe delete the file… %s (%s) (%s)
  • SMTP Channels exceeded warning level %d g_smtp_warning setting
  • g_queue_limit is above 80 pecent, %d messages waiting, %d permitted
  • User %s exceeded g_spam_user_max/send_limit (%d) limit, maybe a spammer
  • User %s exceeded g_spam_from_max limit
  • User %s exceeded g_msg_max_total limit, nrcpt=%d msgsize=%dmb
  • external web access failed for %d urls %s, check port/firewall/dns, retest: tellmail pingall
  • Test manager report
  • Slow: Use task manager or top to check system load, check for cpu/disk/memory usage or increase g_cpu_slow
  • User %s has exceeded g_spam_user_badto limit %d, so pausing sending, whitelist with G_SPAM_USER_SKIP
  • g_disk_warning: Warning %2.1f%% > %2.1f%% %s
  • User limit is approaching, %d of %d users allocated, consider upgrade
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