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From/Return path spoofing

Case: vu#244112

SurgeMail typically will not verify that From/Return path headers match (as they aren't required to match in many situations). If you are using surgemail as a gateway for multiple domains then it would be wise to enforce matching via one/some of the following settings, specifically g_from_relay "true"

g_from_exact "true" Ensures the from header matches the authenticated user.

g_from_must_exist "true", requires that the local from address must exist.

g_from_check "true", requires that the from address match a local domain

g_from_relay "true", requires gatewayed messages to match a local domain

We are adding a new setting to SurgeMail 7.8c and later

g_from_domain_match "true", which will require that the From and return path match at the domain level.

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