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Moving a domain to a new drive

To avoid loosing messages it's important to do this while the server is stopped, however with a large domain this will take too long. So instead do the copy in two steps, on windows for example:

before changing the drive copy the bulk of the contents to the new location

robocopy c:\surgemail\mbox\domain.name d:\mbox\domain.name /e /copy:DAT /mt /z /purge

Then stop surgemail, and change the mailbox_path setting for that domain in surgemail.ini

And re-run the robocopy command to apply any changes since the first copy

robocopy c:\surgemail\mbox\domain.name d:\mbox\domain.name /e /copy:DAT /mt /z /purge

Now restart surgemail.

(This is for windows, you can do the same thing using rsync on linux)

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