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News Letter June 2024

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Version 78c2 is now moved to release status

Be sure to check the config checker page to see new features that can be enabled as new features are rarely enabled automatically

News about changes in EMAIL/SMTP by the big providers.

Large providers have been making changes that enhance security or reduce spam, often these changes impact everyone in some way. In most cases enabling simple settings can work around these issues.

    • Gmail now requires the use of TLS connection for transmitting email (Since) Dec. 2023, use the setting g_ssl_try_out "*" in surgemail to conform to this rule.
    • SPF DKIM and DMARC are now required by most systems. (see here for how to configure)
    • Gmail has disabled plain authentication via IMAP, this makes migration of existing accounts difficult, the workaround is to get the user to simply drag folders using an email client to transfer data.

    New features/settings of note in 7.8c2

    • Bug with g_imap_idle_free feature fixed which resulted in duplicated OK response that could confuse email clients.
    • Some obscure but serious crashes resolved. (Stemming from debugging code in a windows libc function)
    • Added ARC message verification method to enhance DKIM message signing. See details
    • Improved performance with large surgemail.ini files
    • Minor mirroring improvements
    • Various misc fixes and minor features, see Change History for full notes
    • RBL lookup performance improved.

    Lets talk about the System Recycling setting!

    Every once in a while, a user will simply delete a message, or folder by mistake, and when they contact you to ask to have it restored because "it was incredibly important", it's best to have an answer other than 'sorry'. Your 'mirror' won't work as it will have mirrored the 'delete' action. The users 'Trash' folder won't work because their 2 year old 'deleted it as well'. So, the setting you need is:

          g_recyling "true"

    With this setting when a message is deleted from an imap folder surgemail instead moves it to a special folder where it can be recovered for a period of a couple of weeks (g_recycling_life).

    This folder is visible in 'SurgeWeb', but not in their regular email client. Although you can make it visible for all IMAP clients with G_RECYCLING_VISIBLE "true". This folder is immune from the user deleting stuff from it manually (semi idiot proof 🙂 . And because it's user accessable they can fix their own problem without your assistance in future (yay).


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