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Restore or Undelete accounts or messages

Deleted Users

If an email account is accidentally deleted it can be restored with the command:

tellmail restore_deleted user@xyz.com

If individual messages are deleted, and the recycling feature has been enabled then you can restore messages with the command:

Usage: tellmail undelete[_show] user@xyz.com days fromsubj

There is a command: tellmail purge_deleted_users DAYS which will delete all deleted user accounts older than 'days' old. By default deleted accounts are actually deleted after 60 days.

These files are stored in the G_ARCHIVE_ON_DELETE_DIR or archive_deleted folder

Deleted domains

If an entire domain is deleted by accident, then use the web admin tool, you will find a 'restore' button at the bottom of the list of domains, and some more detailed instructions on how to restore the lost domain.

(A 'deleted' domain has actually just had it's mailbox_path renamed as follows: c:\surgemail\mbox\[domain] becomes c:\surgemail\mbox\__DELETED_[domain]_xxx where xxx begins at 000 and is only incremented if an existing directory by that name is found. To restore a previously deleted domain recreate it in the web admin then reverse the directory rename described here. In addition if you are using NWAuth you should find a 'nwauth.bak' file in the mailbox_path, append this file to nwauth.add to restore the users from the deleted domain.)

There is a purge button to actually remove deleted domains, and a restore button to undelete them.

If the 'legal archive' is enabled it's also possible to search it for messages and restore them to the users account.

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