Mail Server Software

What is SurgeMail?

SurgeMail is a fully functional SMTP / IMAP / POP / Webmail system, you install it on your own private server (or cloud server) in minutes and have a complete corporate carrier class system with spam handing, live mirroring, modern fast  WebMail and SSL / Encryption features to rival any system in the world. 

WebMail built in

Admin Interface

The system includes DNS handling, Greylisting, Spam filtering, Virus filtering, free signed SSL certificates via Lets Encrypt. Modern security protocols SSL/TLS and identification methods SPF, DKIM are built into the system so your messages will get delivered reliably and securely.

Direct install on linux with 'two' commands...

sudo bash

Show me a Demo / Test system?

If you want to see it running quickly and don't want to install on your own system then use this form to generate a working live system to play with (it only allows internal email for obvious reasons but it lets you see the admin and user interfaces and webmail functionality etc)

Wow! surgemail ROCKS!!! 🙂 I have setup surgemail as a bastion host for 5 of our primary domains. We tried every other mail server out there trying to find something that works and that could keep up with our mail throughput. If you are looking for a reliable and FAST mail server, BUY SURGEMAIL!
ALL the programmers, support people, accounting people, well the entire company is OUTSTANDING - If you are or were a US Marine you will know what that means ! I have NEVER had the responsiveness that Net Win provides!The technical support is the best I have ever worked with. They do NOT give up, they help you all the way ! Even before the purchase !
Having been professionally involved in the information technology arena since the early mainframe days, and having spent a good portion of my career in software architecture and development, I can say without a doubt that SurgeMail and its companion products are what software SHOULD be.