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SurgeWeb "New Look" Migration

Enabling the setting g_modern_surgeweb will enable the surgeweb newlook functionality for all your users.

When migrating to the surgeweb newlook UI there are several options and issues to be aware of to make sure the migration process is smooth for all your users.

Default UI

Enabling the setting g_modern_surgeweb splits the old ajax interface into three interfaces:

  • Clean : A simplified more modern interface
  • Standard : A modernised version of the ajax interface that does have some significant changes in behaviour over the old standard ajax interface
  • Old Interface : An interface as close as possible to the old standard ajax interface to be used if individual users do not want to change

The default is to switch users to using the newlook standard UI. This does have significant changes over the old interface however. The default interface under newlook is configured using the config_*.dat setting of:

# *modern_default* Default newlook styling [valid: old|standard|clean]
modern_default standard

note: the config_*.dat settings can typically be applied at the global or domain level as explained.

Gradual Transition

When g_modern_surgeweb is enabled, the modern ui features will get enabled for all users on all domains on the system. This may be disabled for subsets of users using the config_*.dat setting of:

# *newlook_disable* Disable all evidence of g_modern_surgeweb on this domain [valid: true|false]
newlook_disable true

So to only enable newlook settings on one domain say, add:

newlook_disable true
newlook_disable false

Login page

The use of g_modern_surgeweb will replace the existing login page with a photo based login page. The photo based login page can be customised in a variety of ways.

WARNING: The photo based login page currently disables the primary login page customisation methods that used to be recommended of completely replacing the login.htm file or the login.css file with your own one. We are working on improved replacement methods for login page customisation if you want to significantly modify the login page again.

To customise the photos displayed on the login page add your own photos to:


Several other ways you can tweak it as noted by the newlook_* settings documented in surgeweb/tpl/config_global.dat:

# Custom login page photos
# If unspecified, means all files in surgeweb/background folder are used. Max of 6 will be shown on login page.
#  - located in surgemail/surgeweb/background. If background/domain.com exists will preferentially populate from there
#  - or can explictly specify wanted images:
#newlook_bg_images netwin_001.jpg,netwin_002.jpg,netwin_003.jpg
#  - the primary default image can be set, else will use first in alphabetical list
#newlook_bg_default default.jpg
# - can disable the randomisation
#newlook_bg_randomise_disable true
# - can disable all the netwin default images (only gets applied if one or more of your own images are present)
#newlook_netwin_photos_disable true
#  - can disable the user addition of their own image
#newlook_custom_photo_disable true
#  - can disable the old look customisation style
#newlook_old_photo_disable true

Most notably, hide netwin photos with:

 newlook_netwin_photos_disable true 

and explicitly specify particular photos with:

 newlook_bg_images netwin_001.jpg,netwin_002.jpg,netwin_003.jpg 
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