Spam and Virus protection

Spam handling

The spam handling is a fairly elaborate system. It uses a combination of multiple systems to identify likely spam and place it in the users 'Spam' folder, the user or the sender can the elevate the spam back to the 'Inbox'.

When users move messages in/out of their Spam folder the server automatically learns from these examples

Basic methods used:

  • RBL lookups to determine the reputation of the sender
  • SURBL lookups on url's in the message.
  • Content based rules to determine the 'spammyness' of the text
  • Feature analysis of current and historic spam.
  • Rules to pass/hold/reject the messages based on all of the above.
  • Each user can then specify a level they wish to use for filtering depending on their needs.

Virus handling

The server will make use of whatever virus scanner you have installed on your native system to scan email messages. On Linux ClamMD and on windows the windows defender scanner can be used, or any scanner that will scan files as they are created.