Attachment Detacher

The SurgeMail attachment detacher takes large attachments out of email messages and stores them on the built in web server, the recipient can then download the large attachment if needed. The retention settings for attachments is adjustable per user, and will typically be shorter for sent messages (e.g. days) or longer for received messages (e.g. months or years).

If you want to keep a message attachment please download it as the server may remove the attachment at any time.

This feature allows the server administrator to keep much better control of disk usage. It significantly improves performance. And generally people prefer to get attachments via a url rather than inside an email message.

As a user this can be a big help in reducing your disk usage by easily removing older attachments while still keeping the actual email messages for your long term records.

The user self admin interface allows the user to adjust the retention, and examine or search files stored as attachments. See https://your.mail.server/cgi/user.cgi click on Features/Attachments

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